15 June 2011

UNESCO Campaign - Pakistan

(Front cover and inside view)
A nice philatelic document from Pakistan containing the two commemorative stamps for the UNESCO Campaign to Save Nubian Monuments (SG 211 and SG 212), issued on 30 March 1964.

The document describes the stamps:
"13-paisa:  Depicts the Temple of Thot on the left and an inset of three standing figures on the right.  This inset is relevant to the Temple of Thot and represents Queen Nefertari (in the middle) and her maids performing some ritual."
"50-paisa:  Depicts a side view of the rock containing four colossal figures of Rameses II.  This is generally known as the Temple of Abu Simbel.  A partial view of the river Nile and its banks is also shown on the left."
The document folds into three parts and contains several black and white pictures of Abu Simbel and Philae temples with a geographical and historical description of the region.  It explains why the monuments would be lost without the intervention of the UNESCO.

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