28 April 2009

Ramses II - Egypt

Egypt, 1971, SG 1103
Stamp showing the colossal statue of Ramses II in Cairo Square
The statue was found in 1882 at the Great Temple of Ptah in Memphis, broken into several pieces.

POSTCARD, early 20th Century

It was restored and placed on the square, near Cairo railway station in 1955.

Following concerns that the statue was suffering from the effects of pollution and vibration, in 2006 it was decided to move it to the site of the new Grand Egyptian Museum (due to open in 2010), near the Pyramids.

For more details and pictures of the move, see this very good article.
Also some more pics of the move on the BBC News website.

Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1975, SG 1264
"Touristic Egypt" stamp, showing the Great Temple of Abu Simbel in the bottom right-hand corner

Rosetta Stone - Japan

Japan, 1990, Yvert #1880
Stamp issued for the International Year of Literacy
Shows the character "ji" on Rosetta Stone

Ramses II - Korea

Cover from Korea, 01 March 2002



Champollion - France

Postmark, Champollion Museum, France, 1993

Champollion - France

France, 1999
Homage to Champollion
Stamp showing the Champollion Museum in Figeac, Lot (France), birthplace of J-F Champollion.

First Day Cover issued 26 June 1999 in Figeac
Silk print illustration of the Champollion Museum


27 April 2009

Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1979, SG 1378
Statue of Ramses II's daughter, Meritaten

Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1979, SG 1379
Statues of Ramses II, entrance of small temple of Abu Simbel

17 April 2009

Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1972, SG 1171
One of a set of 3 stamps depicting the Temple of Abu Simbel (the other stamps show the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza).

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1969, SG 1033
Submerged pillars of Philae Temple

14 April 2009

Nubian Monuments - Wish List

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - United Nations Geneva FDC

United Nations Geneva, 04 August 2005

These are two really beautiful FDCs I recently received.

The top one shows the Temple of Philae on a 0.20 Swiss Franc stamp. It also has a stamp showing the site of Abu Mena and Memphis and its Necropolis, with the Sphinx of Giza and one of the Pyramids.

The bottom one shows the same view of Philae on a 1,00 Swiss Franc stamp and Islamic Cairo.

United Nations, 2005

UNESCO Campaign - Korea

Mini Souvenir Sheet

Korea, 1963, SG 485a

Two stamps, se-tenant

Korea, 1963, SG 484-5

Great Rock Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - Abu Simbel Mystery Stamp!!

These were sold to me as "Unrecorded Revenue Stamps", issued in 1982. Originally with a value of 10 Dollars, they are overprinted "2 Dollars". I only bought them because they depict the Temple of Abu Simbel but I cannot find any information about them anywhere...
So if you know anything about these stamps, do post a comment :¬)

April 2012 - I now have it on good authority that these are consular stamps used when granting visas.

UNESCO Campaign - Jordan

Jordan, 1964, SG 595-7
Colossal statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbel

UNESCO Campaign - Qatar

Qatar, 1965, SG 48-53

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1980, SG 1413-16

Set of 4 stamps depicting the Qortasi monument, the Temple of Kalabsha, the Temple of Philae and Trajan's Kiosk, with a central label bearing the UN emblem issued se-tenant, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the campaign to save Nubian Monuments.

UNESCO Campaign - Cote Francaise des Somalis FDC

Cote Francaise des Somalis, 1964, SG 481

First Day Cover
Issued in Djibouti on 28 August 1964

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1971, SG 1118

Partly submerged pillar, Philae

UNESCO/Nubian Monuments - Egypt

Egypt, 1973, SG 1212

UNESCO/Nubian Monument - Upper Volta

These are really lovely, big, colourful stamps, issued in 1978 for the UNESCO Campaign to Save Philae, showing Horus and Cartouches, and the Goddess Isis. (SG 504-5)