13 April 2010

Nubian Monuments - Sierra Leone

Stamp issued in 1996 by Sierra Leone to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO.

The title says "Monument of Nubia at Abu Simbel (Egypt)" but strangely shows the entrance of the temple of Philae as can be seen from the picture below!

Is this a fake? Unfortunately, I do not know anything about this stamp so if you have any information about it, do drop a comment.

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  1. Hello Val
    It does not seem to be a fake stamp : it is referenced in Scott catalog as number Scott 1997d. It is a part of a set of stamps issued on the 24th of March 1997 and celebrating the 50th annivesary of the UNESCO. The set of stamps has been issued in the form of sheets of 8 stamps plus one label.