2 May 2008

Tutankhamun - Great Britain Commemorative Cover

Tutankhamun's ceremonial fan

The fan is made of wood and entirely covered with chased gold leaf (L 105.5cm, W 18.5cm).

Hieroglyphic text covers the handle from top to bottom. The front (postcard above) depicts the king returning from hunting ostriches, carried by attendants. On the back (front of cover below), the king is shown hunting ducks, riding his war chariot and holding a bow and arrow.

Commemorative cover from Great Britain for the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. It was issued by the British Museum in London on the occasion of their 1972 Exhibition.

The stamp depicts a gilded wooden statue of Tutankhamun. Below is a picture of the full statue. The king, wearing the crown of Lower Egypt, is standing on a papyrus raft and appears about to throw a spear at his quarry.

Tutankhamun was a pharaoh of the XVIII Dynasty (New Kingdom) who lived from circa 1341 BC to 1323 BC and ruled for about 9 years. His tomb was discovered on 22 November 1922 by Howard Carter, an English archeologist and egyptologist.
More details about Carter, Carnavon, the discovery of KV62 and the "curse" can be found here with some great pictures.

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