3 May 2008

Sudan Overprints

This is an interesting part set (the full set has 8 values). I added these stamps to my collection under "Egyptian Earlies", 19th Century egyptian stamps, overprinted with SOUDAN in French and Arabic. They were issued in 1897.

From Stanley Gibbons, Part 19, 6th Edition.
An Egyptian Post Office was opened at Suakin in 1867 and other offices followed. Until stamps overprinted "SOUDAN" were introduced in 1897, unoverprinted stamps of Egypt, including postage dues and officials, were used. Cancellations have been identified from eleven post offices: Berber, Dabroussa, Dongola, Gedaref, Kassala, Khartoum, Korti, Suakin, Tani, Tokar, Wadi Halfa.

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