4 May 2008

1922 - Egypt Proclamation of Monarchy

Here's another mint stamp in the series, the 10m Lake. It was issued in 1922, overprinted with "The Kingdom of Egypt, 15 March 1922" (SG 103). It depicts the colossi of Amenophis III at Thebes.

Pharaoh Amenophis III (also known as Amenhotep III) was Akhenaten's father. Egypt was at the height of power and influence and prospered during his lengthy reign, from around 1391 BC to 1353 BC. Amenophis III is known as one of the greatest "Builder Pharaohs", building magnificent temples at Karnak, Luxor as well as in Nubia.

The two Colossi shown on the stamp, known as the Colossi of Memnon, measure 18m high and are the only remnants of his mortuary temple on the Thebes floodplain - the temple itself has long been swept away by the Nile.

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